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It goes without saying that the lack of a range of services contributes negatively to the facilities of small villages. As a trend it seems that the same impoverishment takes place in areas of large (r) cities. This makes these areas for both residents and businesses less attractive. For providing an alternative, an initiative emerged from the business world to counteract this impoverishment. As a solution we offer an alternative to the traditional ATM and give the community the opportunity to exploit banking, commercial services and governmental services. This alternative consists of deploying Service Corners™, the instrument to restore disappearing services in less popular areas.

Recovery Cash Infrastructure

Social quality of life and economic viability go hand in hand. Locals have no choice when it comes to the method of payment. The demand for cash money is and will remain high, especially in areas where many people live off tourism. The tourist is accustomed to paying cash. If one gets paid in cash as manager of a cafe, one has to go through a lot of trouble to have it deposited. Often, on has to drive for miles, hoping to find a branch office where it can be deposited. With the Service Corner™ this money can be deposited directly and credited to your bank account. The physical money is available when anyone wants to withdraw money. Placing an ATM is only half  the solution: the Service Corner™ solves this by ‘recycling’ the money.