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Service Corner™ is the answer to focussed service to the public.

Service Corner™ is a “shop on a small scale” where people can use various services as self-service. In the Service Corner™ the possibility is offered to withdraw, deposit or transfer cash money,  besides upgrading your public transport smart card. All services can be paid with your debit card, credit card, mobile phone or cash.

A by PayQuest improved, innovative and modern ATM with more added value: that is the idea behind the Service Corner™. Besides the banking function this PayQuest product also serves a commercial, medical and municipal purpose. In small villages or in places where many people come together it clearly meets a need. After all, postal offices, bank branches and ATMs are more and more disappearing from the streets. This doens’t improve the quality of life, because the need for access to such services remains high.

PayQuest answers this need with The Service Corner™. The unmanned device facilitates a wide variety of services. Withdrawing and depositing cash, e-ticketing, issuing and upgrading of public transport smart cards, pick up docter’s prescriptions, applying for a driver’s license and registering a newborn: just to name a few of the possibilities. Easy to use, while privacy and security are paramount, which makes the Service Corner™ the solution for now and for the future.

As a municipality, it might be of interest to have a Service Corner™ within the municipal boundaries, because it increases the quality of life (and appeal) for small villages and suburbs of big cities. In case of intensive use, the economic model of the Service Corner™ allows parts of the proceeds to flow back into the local community in order to support activities and clubs. All in all a win-win situation.